Tileable insulation screed - per bag (= 70 L) - ready for use

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Brand Isopearls: Delivery or pickup in Houthalen-Helchteren: http://www.isopearls.be/floor-diy-isolatiechape/

Similar brand Fim: Pick-up only at different points of distribution: http://www.fim.be/dealers/index.html

Tileable insulation screed can only be installed in combination with the Staenis grid. The plastic grid is moisture-resistant, absorbs all shrinkage and ensures a perfectly flat installation and reinforcement of the screed.

The insulation screed is composed of new white/grey EPS beads mixed with cement, water and specific patented additives. The EPS beads have a special small diameter of 2mm, in order to obtain an even flatter result with the Staenis grid.

Home delivery in Belgium by external transport company Dematra. Delivered by a truck with tailgate and transpallet (no crane). You will be contacted in advance with the delivery dates. 

Or free pick-up in Houthalen-Helchteren after order and payment. 

Consumption: 1 bag of insulation screed (70 L instead of 60 L) per m² on 7 cm thick and weighs 13 kg. Calculate here quickly and easily how much insulation screed you need.

Create tileable insulation screed with 6.5 liters of water / bag + separate additive liquid in the large bag of insulation screed and mix well into an adhesive mortar. 

Always finish with a primer for absorbent substrates. For a smoother and even harder end result, finish the primer with a smoothing compound or tile adhesive, placed at the same height as the top of the grid.

Caution: do not store bags outside or in damp spaces.

Caution: for dry substrates, moisten the substrate the day before.

Nous vous recommandons de travailler sans film sous la chape d'isolation à carreler. Toutefois, s'il existe un risque de remontée d'humidité, il est préférable d'installer un film.


Prepare tileable insulation screed:

- Pour 6.5 gallons of water into the tub or concrete mixer
- Pour the additives into the water and mix it
- Pour the entire bag of insulating screed into the water
- Mixing
- Shovel into concrete mixer or vat and clean walls
- Continue mixing to a good grey consistency




check A very light and hard insulating screed with a high pressure resistance.
check The insulating screed fills all cavities under and between pipes and tubes for 100%.
check Easy to use and various floor insulation applications are possible.
check Easily make your own insulation screed & quickly get to work: in one go you have installed an insulation screed all by yourself.
check Accessible after 48 hours.


Technical Specifications:

  • weight in wet condition
300 kg
  • weight in dry condition
260 kg
  • strong pressure (N/mm²)
  • thermal conductivity (W/m.K)
  • firefighting

*Tried and tested internally, at eps-suppliers and/or at the European recognised certification body WTCB, according to the current standards EN 12667 & EN 1015-10, producers based on cement.


Applications of insulating screed:

  • Filling/levelling in combination with the Staenis grid
  • Filling/levelling for new buildings
  • Filling/levelling of vaults during renovation of buildings
  • Levelling and insulating layer where insulating and acoustic properties in combination with high pressure resistance are important


  • mortar pit and hand mixer, concrete mixer of ± 150 litres or screed pump
  • water
  • trowel
  • wheelbarrow
  • insulation screed
Material: EPS bead (polystyrene), cement and additives
Content per bag: 70 litres
Weight per bag: ± 13 kg
Dimension of bag: 100 x 50 x 25 cm
Number of bags per pallet: 35
Dimensions full pallet: 110 x 110 x 170 cm
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