Price and Quantity Calculator

Do you want to get to work yourself with the new installation or renovation of your floor structure? Super! There are many possibilities and there is an ideal floor structure for every site.

But then the question quickly arises... "What exactly do I need for this?" and especially "How many of these materials do I need?".

Once you have gone through our floor-mounted configurator, you will immediately receive an answer to the first question. Once you know this, you can start working with our handy tool below, with which we will be happy to give you a hand in calculating the fillers that can be used to fill the Staenis grid. It goes as follows:

  1. Choose the filler with which you want to fill in the Staenis Grid.
  2. Enter the number of m² of the total area.
  3. Enter the thickness in cm (keep in mind that not every surface is flat and you will soon need one cm more or less).

The calculator gives an indication* of 3 things.

  1. The total volume of filler needed.
  2. Necessary amount of Staenisrails, -feet and possibly extension legs.
  3. Quantity (in kg) for screed or drainage mortar and the number of bags for insulation sheeting or levelling and cellular concrete granules.

* This is an indication of the quantity. We recommend always taking an extra margin on this.




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