Silo delivery


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This silo is delivered to your home in Flanders (BE) by an external supplier.
In the Netherlands, it is best to rent a silo via Megamix (only available in Dutch). Delivery to other countries is unfortunately not possible.


If you want to purchase screed, stabilizer, or drainage mortar via a silo, you must first request a price calculation and then fill out a request form. You will find the link to the request form in the 'Notice' section of the price calculation that you receive by email.

In this way, we can check if the silo is available for the period you specified and can confirm that the silo can be installed at your location.


- Choose the right option under "Make a choice" when you put the amount (ton) of silo filler in your shopping cart.

- 220-volt silo: postal codes 1000-2299 & 2500-2699 & 2800-3199 & 7000-7199 & 7300-7399 & 7500-8099 & 8200-9999.

- 380-volt silo (for which you may need to rent a generator): postal codes 2300-2499 & 2700-2799 & 3200-3999.

- You can indicate the correct quantity (number of tons) in the shopping cart.
(Minimum 4 tons and maximum 18 tons of ready-to-use filler per silo)

Calculate quickly and easily how much filler you need here.

- The silo can remain free of charge for 4 weeks.

- Note: The unused quantity of filler can be refunded afterward, with a minimum of 1 ton, and this always calculated per full ton of unused filling material. A minimum of 4 tons is always charged per order, even with a consumption of 1, 2, or 3 tons.

- Note: The silo is always fully loaded; if more is used than ordered, this will be invoiced afterward per full ton.


The shipping cost depends on the selected country and is displayed during the checkout process under the section "shipping method".


After receiving your order, you will receive a phone call from our external supplier to arrange a delivery date. It is important that the customer is reachable during office hours at the provided number.


- If no one is present during the delivery, the silo will not be unloaded and will be taken back (unless otherwise agreed). An additional transport cost will have to be charged for a redelivery.

- If the driver has to wait during delivery (think of cars in the way, or if someone cannot be present on time), the waiting times will be charged at a market-conform hourly rate, per started quarter of an hour.


- The silo is standardly delivered with a mixer, meaning that the screed comes out of the silo and can fall into a wheelbarrow. If you want to connect the silo to a screed pump, please explicitly mention this when ordering. So the correct silo with screed pump connection can be delivered.

- The driver places the silo just behind the truck on the ground. He needs 12 m length for this. The total truck with a silo on it can weigh up to 40 tons. So have the silo placed on a sturdy surface that can definitely carry this weight.

- Ensure a place without electrical cables in the air. A height of ± 8 m is needed to tilt and stand the silo. Once the silo is upright, a ground surface of 2.5m x 2.5m is required.

- Provision of electricity and water to connect to the silo is at the customer's expense.

- Optional: applying for a permit from the municipality/city for placing the silo on the public road is at the customer's expense.

- 220V mono or 380V silo depending on availability.

Installation Accessories

In order to ensure the correct operation of the silo, accessories can be provided. Upon returning them in good condition at the end of the construction site, they will be credited again. (Geka coupling, Gardena coupling...)

Silo Information

The mixing time of the silo is adjustable, so the machine automatically stops after the elapsed time. The remaining mortar in the silo can always be checked using a counter. Cleaning the installation only takes a few minutes.


Each time the silo is collected, it undergoes an inspection at our station.

- Wear caused by normal use is at our expense.

- Abnormal costs due to neglect or improper use will be charged at cost price.

Silo User Manual

- Start-up silo: werking-silo-opstart.pdf (only available in Dutch)

- Cleaning silo: werking-silo-kuisen.pdf (only available in Dutch)

- Silo solutions: werking-silo-oplossingen.pdf (only available in Dutch)

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