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All products/articles related to floor construction can be found on this webshop.

- Such as screed, stabilised sand and drainage mortar delivered in a silo

- Insulating screed (with tiles) delivered in bags

- Recycled aerated concrete granules supplied in bags.

Also the installation material to place them flat such as the Staenis grid, sanding board and screed trowel.

Placement Tools

Large trowel for laying perfectly flat screeds, drainage mortars, insulation screeds or dry fillers. Extra thick trowel to prevent sagging.

Insulation screed (only available in Belgium)

Non-tileable insulation screed for creating a filling layer under a traditional screed or as a filling in the grid, paneled with OSB or Durelis. Tileable insulation screed as an infill in the Staenis grid, to be tiled, after the installation of a primer and égaline/cementpaste/tile adhesive layer. (insulation screed = ±12kg/m²/7cm - high load capacity)

Dry Fillers (only available in Belgium)

Recycled aerated concrete beads can be filled in the Staenis grid and finished with wood OSB or Durelis boards. (beads = ±35kg/m²/7cm - average carrying capacity)

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