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Do you wish to return fillers? Consider selling them online yourself! Below you will find a list with links to second-hand websites where other customers have offered their products. By reselling your products, you contribute to a more sustainable environment and give your fillers a second life.

Once you have posted your product on one of these websites (eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace,,, let us know at [email protected]. We will then add the link to this list, so other visitors can see your offer and possibly buy it. Together, we make reuse easier and more accessible!

Staenis grids:
Currently no second-hand links

Currently no second-hand links


The right of withdrawal is only valid for consumers; it does not apply to professionals.

While we would, of course, love it most if you're so pleased with the Staenis grid or other tools that you tell everyone who will listen about Staenis! However, if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the products, the following steps apply:

- Report your return shipment within 14 days of receiving the order by sending an email in advance to [email protected] with the items that are coming back, the reason for return, and your order number.

- Return the item in perfect condition (unused/undamaged/undusted). Send the item back in the original, undamaged packaging (if applicable) of the product itself. Use the original shipping box in which the items were originally sent (make sure the box is well padded so the item cannot be damaged).

- The return address will be communicated after we have received your email for return.

Please note:

- The costs for returning a package are at your own expense.

- The costs incurred by Staenis for shipping and payment costs cannot be refunded.

- The amount will be refunded within a few days after receipt and inspection of the item. Please note that the amount may vary depending on the tiered discount or other discounts at which it was purchased.


Note: this does not apply in the event of cancellation of the goods, in which case the general terms and conditions of sale apply.

If you have any components of the grids left over after the work, you can always return them to us.

Note: This only applies to parts of the grids. This does not apply to fillers, tools, or other accessories from the webshop.

There are two options for return:

    1. Refund of the returned pieces

Up to a maximum of 3 months after the purchase date, returned pieces can be:

- rail: €0.75/piece (incl. VAT)

- Leg: €0.50/piece (incl. VAT)

Refunded, with a minimum amount of €20 (incl. VAT) for Belgium. In other words, from 40 pieces you can return these and receive a fee for it.

Note: For other countries outside Belgium, please contact us for the minimum quantity to return.

- You can return these to us in this case if they are in good condition, undusted, and undamaged (so no traces of sand grains or the like).

- Previously paid payment and shipping costs will not be refunded.

- Please note that the amount may vary depending on the tiered discount or other discounts at which it was purchased.

Why can't we refund you the full amount? A return shipment involves administrative, financial, and logistical administration that also costs time and money. When a package has been shipped with the courier service, there will undoubtedly be shipping damage to the box. So if a sent/damaged box comes back to our depot, we have to repack it or transfer its contents to other packaging options. This takes time due to the many pieces that have to be stacked and counted, which is compensated by refunding the products at a certain price. The last thing we want is for our new customers to experience problems with boxes tearing open during courier transport, or receiving a previously shipped box in another box.

    1. Free Returns

Other rails/legs/extension legs can always be returned free of charge (with a minimum of 15 pieces (rail/leg/extension leg)). We ensure that the plastic can have a second life by recycling it.

What do you need to do for this?

- Report your return shipment by sending an email in advance to [email protected], with the number of items being returned and your order number.

- Then you will receive an email from us with a return label.

- Ship the items in a sturdy box (make sure the box is well padded so the products cannot be damaged).

- We will cover the costs for returning the package.

- The amount will be refunded within a few days after receipt and after inspection of the products.


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