Elastic polymer joint sealant with a cement LOOK

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Cemflex is a special joint sealant for expansion and connection joints in large format ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone (such as marble, granite, quartzite, sandstone, terrazzo, concrete etc.). Because this joint sealant looks like a cement joint, the product can also be used as a replacement for conventional grouts.

Staenis experience: Application when grouting 2 cm thick ceramic terrace tiles with 3 mm joint (grouting the entire terrace with Cemflex). Place 5 mm silicone grout at the top of the tile, use a silicone sealant, possibly without smoothing compound, to remove excess silicone.

Areas of application: 

For elastic cement-look grouting of ceramics, natural stone (on pedestals), concrete, etc. 
As an expansion joint, which cannot be distinguished visually from the cement joint. 
As a silicone joint between the floor and the skirting board, which ensures a uniform appearance. 

Cemflex can be used without primer.

Contents: 310 ml

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View the colour chart below (you can select the desired colour above at "make my choice").

See the colour chart below.

- mist (nebel)

- cement grey (zementgrau)

- stone grey (steingrau)

- anthracite (anthrazit)

- ivory (elfenbein)

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