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PE insulation edge strip, 5 mm thick, 150 mm high and 100 meters long

PE insulation edge strip, 5 mm thick, 150 mm high and 100 meters long

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Product Information

Height 150 mm, thickness 5 mm, and a length of 100 running meters.
Apply a double layer if necessary for underfloor heating/large areas.

Essential Edge Insulation for Your Flooring Projects

When installing a new floor, especially with underfloor heating, the use of edge insulation is crucial. Our edge insulation, with a height of 150 mm, a thickness of 5 mm, and a length of 100 running meters, is designed to fulfill the essential functions needed when installing a screed with chape or when flooring is directly glued to the screed.

Why Use Edge Insulation?

- Prevention of Heat Loss: It helps to reduce unwanted heat loss and ensures a more efficient operation of your underfloor heating system.

- Preventing Thermal Bridges: The insulation ensures that thermal bridges are prevented, which contributes to a more even temperature distribution across the floor.

- Accommodation for Expansion: Temperature differences can cause your chape to expand and contract. Our edge insulation facilitates this natural movement without the risk of cracking in your screed.

Features of Our Edge Insulation:

- Noise Reduction: It provides excellent contact sound insulation between load-bearing and floating floors, ideal for parquet and laminate.

- Durability: Water-resistant thanks to the closed cell structure and chemically inert, our edge insulation is resistant to most chemicals and is 100% recyclable.

- Easy Application: The product is easy to apply and offers a practical solution for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Application and Benefits:

Edge insulation is not only a requirement when using underfloor heating but is also highly recommended for any screed with chape or glued flooring. It allows the screed to properly expand and contract with temperature changes, which extends the life of your floor and contributes to a more comfortable indoor climate.

Your Project, Our Concern:

Choose our edge insulation to ensure the functionality and durability of your flooring projects. Suitable for a wide range of applications, our edge insulation is the reliable choice you need for an optimal finish of your floor.

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