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Drainage mortar in silo (per ton)

Drainage mortar in silo (per ton)

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Delivery Information

- Click here for the delivery time and all the information you need before you want to rent a silo.

If you want to purchase drainage mortar via a silo, you must first request a price calculation and then fill out a request form. You will find the link to the request form in the 'Notice' section of the price calculation that you receive by email.

In this way, we can check if the silo is available for the period you specified and can confirm that the silo can be installed at your location.

Product Information

With a simple push of a button on the silo, you make fresh drainage mortar at a rate of 3 m³/h and this without time pressure to process the large quantity of drainage mortar.

This is because there are 2 separate compartments in the silo. One compartment is filled with porphyry (2-6mm) and the other with dry cement. These are only mixed with water when you want.

The big advantage of this is that you can make fresh drainage mortar at your own pace and for several weeks. Read all the advantages of drainage mortar in silo at the bottom of this description.

More information about drainage mortar floor constructions can be found here.

Required Quantity

- Use our quantity calculator for easier calculations.


- One push on the button and you obtain mortar, it couldn't be simpler.
- No more difficult to check the production on site.
- You no longer have to do calculations for daily calls.
- Very limited use of space, always a well-kept yard without raw materials, loss or waste.
- Only the mortar needed at that moment is created.
- No more unused residue.
- The silo is put down in a few minutes.
- It remains permanently at your disposal.
- Time and material loss are completely eliminated.
- With a silo you save money.
- Exact dosing of sand/porphyry and binders.
- consistent quality and easy processability.
- Not subject to climatic conditions.
- Mortar is created when needed.


Resource: 5 delen fijne porfier (2-6 mm) + 1 deel cement
Camion dimensions: 12 meter lengte en 2,5 meter breedte
Silo dimensions: 2,4 x 2,4 meter
Weight silo: 20 ton
Weight camion + silo: 40 ton
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