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Insulation screed - 50 L per bag - ready for use

Insulation screed - 50 L per bag - ready for use

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Product Information

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The insulating screed/insulation mortar is ready-mixed, composed of EPS beads mixed with cement and additives. The EPS beads are specially designed with a small diameter of 2-4 mm to achieve an even flatter result with the Staenis leveling grid. You only need to add water and mix.

To be used as insulating filling in the Staenis leveling grid, single or double covered with at least 18 mm OSB (depending on the chosen floor finish). Can also be used as an insulating fill layer without a grid, over which a screed is placed.

Please note:

- Do not store bags outside or in damp areas.

Required Quantity

- 10 bags = ± 10 m² with a thickness of 5 cm
- 1 m³ = 1000 l = 150 kg = 20 bags
- 1 Sack = 50 Liter = ± 5 cm/m²
- 1 pallet = 40 bags
- Consumption: 1 bag of insulating screed/insulation mortar per m² at 5 cm thickness.

Calculate quickly and easily here how much insulating screed/insulation mortar you need.


This insulating screed/insulation mortar has better insulation value than the tileable version but with a lower compressive strength (note: this compressive strength is still more than sufficient for a private residence). We recommend this insulating screed/insulation mortar if the Staenis leveling grid, filled with insulating screed/insulation mortar, will be subsequently covered with OSB or Durelis wooden plates and then finished with, for example, laminate, cork, etc.

- A very light and hard insulating screed with a high pressure resistance.
- The insulating screed fills all cavities under and between pipes and tubes for 100%.
 This makes the best choice as insulating screed for floor heating.
- Easy to use and various floor insulation applications are possible.
- Easily make your own insulation screed & quickly get to work: in one go you have installed an insulation screed all by yourself.
- Accessible after 48 hours at 15°C

Technical Specifications*:

  • weight in wet condition
250 kg
  • weight in dry condition
150 kg
  • strong pressure (N/mm²)
  • thermal conductivity (W/m.K)
  • firefighting

*Tried and tested internally, at eps-suppliers and/or at the European recognised certification body Buildwise, according to the current standards EN 12667 & EN 1015-10, producers based on cement.

* Do not use in garages or where the load is too high.


- Information brochure "Install your own floor structure"

Prepare insulation screed:

Mix the entire contents of the bag (50L) with 4.5 to 5 liters of water, for 3 minutes in a mixing bowl with hand mixer and for 5 minutes in a concrete mixer.

Attention: video is still available on 70L bags!

Subsidies (only valid for Flanders, Belgium)

To qualify for the subsidy from the Flemish government, the total Rd value of the insulation must be greater than or equal to 4.5 m² K/W. The thermal conductivity of the insulation material is 0.045 W/m.K.

To calculate the thickness of the insulating screed needed to achieve this Rd value, we need to use the formula: Thickness (in meters) = Rd value / thermal conductivity Therefore, the thickness of the insulating screed needed to achieve an Rd value of 4.5 m² K/W is: Thickness = 4.5 m² K/W / 0.045 W/m.K = 100 mm This means that the insulating screed must be at least 100 mm thick to meet the required Rd value of 4.5 m² K/W for the Flemish government subsidy. It is also important to note that the Rd value of any existing insulation layers cannot be counted towards meeting this minimum value.

Material: EPS bead (polystyrene), cement and additives
Content per bag: 50 litres
Weight per bag: ± 7,5 kg
Dimension of bag: 80 x 50 x 25 cm
Number of bags per pallet: ± 40
Dimensions full pallet: 110 x 110 x 170 cm
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