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Latermix Cem Classic: light drainage mortar - 50 L per bag

Latermix Cem Classic: light drainage mortar - 50 L per bag

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Product Information

Latermix Cem Classic is a lightweight, insulating no fines pervious concrete based on Laterlite expanded clay with an intermediate grain size, suitable for a wide range of applications, from sub screeds and fills for floor levelling including in high thicknessroof falls, up to drainage screed for the evacuation of rainwater.

Latermix Cem Classic is a packaged, ready-to-use lightweight concrete, ready for use after mixing with a hand mixer/concrete mixer with very little water; it dries quickly, even in very thick layers. It is light, 600 kg/m3, i.e. less than a third of the weight of conventional or flowable screeds.

Required Quantity

- Quantities: 3 liters of water per bag
- Package: bags each of 50 litres on non-returnable wooden pallets
- 50 bags/pallet = 2,5 m³/pallet
- 1 bag = 50 liters = ± 5 cm/m² = 30 kg
- Suggested thicknesses: ≥ 5 cm
- Bags required per 1 m² of floor area: ± 0,21 bags per 10 mm depth

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- Apparent packed density (approx.): 600 kg/m³
- In-place density (approx.): 600 kg/m³
- Average compressive strength: 5,0 N/mm² (50 kg/cm²)
- Thermal conductivity λ: 0,142 W/mK
- Suggested thicknesses: ≥ 5 cm
- Fire reaction: Euroclass A1fl (Incombustible)
- Storage: ± 12 months in original unopened packaging, protected from moisture.
- CE marking: EN 13813 CT-C5-F1


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Content per bag: 50 litres
Number of bags per pallet: 60
Weight per bag: 25,6 kg
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