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Latermix Cem Mini: ultra lightweight insulating concrete - 50 L per bag

Latermix Cem Mini: ultra lightweight insulating concrete - 50 L per bag

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Product Information

Tilable insulating screed, which is no less than 5 times stronger than our current strong tilable insulating screed version. This improved strength allows for the direct installation of floating floor coverings, such as laminate, without the need for a leveling compound or OSB layer. Of course, it is still possible to directly glue tiles onto this substrate. Cem Mini is also suitable for use on flat roofs, where waterproofing can be directly applied. This light, insulating screed weighs 3 times less than a traditional screed, but 3 times more than the strong tilable insulating screed version.

Latermix Cem Mini is a bagged ready mix ultra-lightweight insulating concrete for screed fills, screeds, roof falls, based on special Laterlite Plus expanded clay.

Mixing Latermix Cem Mini with water makes it possible to obtain a ready-to-use, lightweight, insulating and versatile concrete that can be used both indoors and outdoors for levelling, sloping, and screeding, with the possibility of direct gluing of the floor covering and waterproofing.

Latermix Cem low weight, strength, insulating capacity, finish and ease of installation, makes it ideal to reduce the dead loads on slabs and roofs, with good mechanical strength, combined with good thermal insulation and excellent durability.

Required Quantity

- Package: bags each of 50 litres on non-returnable wooden pallets
- 50 bags/pallet = 2,5 m³/pallet
- Suggested thicknesses: ≥ 5 cm
- Bags required per 1 m² of floor area: ± 0,21 bags per 10 mm depth

Calculate quickly and easily here how much insulating concrete you need.


- Apparent packed density (approx.): 600 kg/m³
- In-place density (approx.): 600 kg/m³
- Average compressive strength: 5,0 N/mm² (50 kg/cm²)
- Thermal conductivity λ: 0,142 W/mK
- Suggested thicknesses: ≥ 5 cm
- Fire reaction: Euroclass A1fl (Incombustible)
- Storage: ± 12 months in original unopened packaging, protected from moisture.
- CE marking: EN 13813 CT-C5-F1

Fields of use

- As thermal insulation and screed laid to falls for creating roof slopes (an impermeable layer can be laid directly on the surface).
- As a lightweight insulating substrate or base screed on top of a floor slab (including the incorporation of services and levelling them).
- As a lightweight insulating screed to take a ceramic or stone floor finish.

For interior and exterior use.


Download technical sheet


The substrate must be clean, dry, solid, and free of cracks. If Latermix Cem Mini is used as a screed, any pipelines (electrical, plumbing, etc.) should be embedded in a leveling layer (as per DTU 26.2) – see also Cem Classic light leveling layer. Provide for the decoupling of walls and columns with a resilient strip. On a wooden floor, insert a waterproof and breathable membrane.

Latermix Cem Mini can be easily prepared in a concrete mixer or with a pneumatic screed pump (‘mixer-transporter’ for screed), facilitating application in hard-to-reach construction sites. Place the contents of one or more entire bags of Latermix Cem Mini in the mixer (without exceeding 60% of its capacity); Add about 6-6.5 liters of water per bag; Mix for about 3 minutes until a pasty and semi-fluid consistency is obtained. The use of a pneumatic screed pump requires an increase in the amount of water depending on the pumping distance.

After preparing the level points, spread the mixture to the required thickness and level with a screed bar. It is not necessary to compact or smooth the mixture.

Latermix Cem Mini, having a closed structure, is suitable for the direct application of coverings (tiles or stones, waterproofing) without a leveling layer. Depending on the needs, it is also compatible with various types of self-leveling compounds. (See Paris SLIM and ULTRA Slim). Consult the technical sheet and product documentation for complete application instructions.

Content per bag: 50 litres
Number of bags per pallet: 50
Weight per bag: 30,8 kg
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