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Latermix Fast: Quick-drying and lightweight screed - ready-to-use- 16 L pro Sack

Latermix Fast: Quick-drying and lightweight screed - ready-to-use- 16 L pro Sack

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Product Information

Fast-drying, fiber-reinforced screed with only 2/3 of the weight compared to traditional screed. This significantly reduces the workload when working with bagged goods instead of traditional screed. Ideal for applying a bonding screed floor or for small spaces, both indoors and outdoors. This Fast screed is easy to spread, allowing for a quicker achievement of a level finish.

Latermix Fast is a fast-drying fibre-reinforced floor screed which is at the same time lightweight thanks to the Laterlite Plus expanded clay aggregates used in its formulation.

The fact that it is a fibre-reinforced screed and that it is composed of high performance lightweight aggregates means that it can be used in low thicknesses and offers great stability and durability, while the rapid drying allows the screed to receive floor coverings after minimum curing times and ease of direct laying of any type of floor finish, whether glued or floating.

Latermix Fast is ready to use after mixing with water and provides an answer to most building site requirements, both in renovation and new construction, in terms of thicknesses, drying and reduction of dead loads.


Required Quantity

- Bags required per 1m2 of floor area: 0,69 bags per 10 mm dept
- Package: bags each of 16 litres on non-returnable wooden pallets, 84 bags/pallet for 1,34 m3/pallet. (More yield than traditional screed from 25 kg bags)

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- Quantities: 2 liters of water per bag
- Apparent packed density (approx.): 1.150 kg/m3
- In-place density (approx.): 1.250 kg/m
Average compressive strength (EN 13813): 20 N/mm2 (200 kg/cm2)
- Thermal conductivity l: 0,27 W/mK

Laying of ceramic or stone finishes: after 24 hours

Laying of moisture sensitive finishes (3% RH):

- after 5 days (th. 3 cm)
- after 7 days (th. 5 cm)

Suggested thicknesses:

- Bonded screed ≥ 2,5 cm
- Unbonded screed ≥ 4 cm
- Floating screed ≥ 5 cm

- CE marking EN 13813 CT-C20-F4
- Storage life: 12 months from date of packaging.


Fields of use

- As a lightweight screed for moisture-sensitive flooring and all other types of floor.
- As a bonded, unbonded or floating screed
- As a screed laid to fall on roofs or in interior
- As a support for any type of waterproofing


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Content per bag: 16 litres
Number of bags per pallet: 84
Weight per bag: 20 kg
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