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Laterlite Paris Slim: cement-based leveling compound 5-50 mm (per 25 kg)

Laterlite Paris Slim: cement-based leveling compound 5-50 mm (per 25 kg)

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Product Information

Cement leveling, suitable for layer thicknesses from 5 to 50 mm, is the perfect choice for leveling and smoothing concrete substrates. Although the use of the Staenis leveling grid is not necessary, it can be applied for extra assurance in flatness and reinforcement. Paris Slim offers a flexible and efficient solution for creating a smooth and level base for all your flooring projects.

Make sure you always mix the leveling compound slowly, otherwise there is a risk of the mixture burning.

For more information, view this floor construction.

PaRis SLIM is a self-levelling screed for application in low thickness, ideal as a screed for thin underfloor heating systems and for smoothing and levelling uneven subfloors prior to the installation of floor coverings: it can be applied from depths between 5 mm and 50 mm in one application.

PaRis SLIM is designed to give an excellent surface finish and has exceptional flow and smoothing properties:  thanks to its compensated shrinkage, it can be used for screeds on large surfaces without joints, up to 200 m2.

PaRis SLIM is a bagged premixed flowable screed compound, ready for use after mixing with water. It is suitable for internal use.

Note: for leveling tileable insulation screed, we recommend this leveling compound.

Required Quantity

Before application, the corresponding primer is always applied. This primer can only be used for absorbent surfaces such as concrete floors or sand cement screeds.

- Package: bags each of 25 kg
- 60 bags/pallet – 1.500 kg/pallet.
- Quantity required per 1 m2 of floor area 0,76 sacs/m2 per 10 mm depth

Calculate quickly and easily here how much screed compound you need.


- Apparent packed density (approx.) 1600 kg/m3
- In-place density (approx.) 2200 kg/m
Average compressive strength (EN 13813)  N/mm2 (250 kg/cm2)
- Thermal conductivity: 1,66 W/mK
- Fire reaction:  Euroclass A1fl (Incombustible)
- Quantities: 4 to 4.5 liters of water per bag

Underfloor heating: screed depth over the heating pipes and pipe-locating:

- Low depth underfloor heating systems (low thermal inertia):5/7 mm
- Conventional underfloor heating system with insulation board: 10 mm

Minimum application depth:

- Bonded screed-levelling compound: 5 mm
- Unbonded screed:  20 mm
- Floating screed: 30 mm
- Maximum application depth: 50 mm

Laying of ceramic or stone finishes:

- 2 days (thickness  5 – 10 mm)
- 3 days (thickness  10 – 15 mm)
- 4 days (thickness  15 – 20 mm)
- 5 days (thickness  20 – 30 mm)

Laying of moisture sensitive finishes (2% RH)

- 4 days (thickness  . 5 – 10 mm)
- 6 days (thickness  10 – 15 mm)
- 7 days (thickness  15 – 20 mm)
- 8 days (thickness  . 20 – 30 mm)

- CE marking EN 13813 CA C25 F5
- Storage life: 12 months from date of packaging.

Fields of use

- Screeds for underfloor heating systems, low depth or classic, hydraulic or electric.
- Low thickness, bonded, unbonded or floating screeds.
- Levelling and smoothing of uneven substrates from 5 to 50 mm in a single pass.
- Smooth finish allowing the application of any type of floor finish.


Download technical sheet

More information

Low underfloor heating screed thickness
The special proprietary compound with high mechanical strength allow PaRis SLIM to be applied in reduced screed depth over the heating pipes and pipe-locating castles, starting from only 5 mm (variable thickness depending on the characteristics of the system, see technical data sheet).

PaRis SLIM is ideal for underfloor heating systems requiring low thickness and reduced weight, and therefore ideal for this type of system in renovation works.

Early commissioning of underfloor heating
Underfloor heating system start-up process can begin after only 4 days, thanks to Paris SLIM characteristics

Thermally conductive
Paris SLIM has a certified coefficient of thermal conductivity (lambda = 1,66 W/mK) that gives better heat transmission in heated floor systems, i.e. it reduces operating costs and improves comfort levels.

Shrinkage compensated screed – Ideal for large surfaces
Paris SLIM extremely low shrinkage enables large areas to be laid without joints (up to 200 m2).

Smooth surface, suitable for laying any floor covering
The surface finish of PaRis SLIM is very smooth and its surface is suitable for the direct laying of any flooring. 

Multi-purpose screed
PaRis SLIM is suitable for screeds incorporating underfloor heating systems and for levelling, and smoothing new or existing substrates. PaRis SLIM can be applied as a bonded, unbonded or floating screed.

Levelling and smoothing of floors and substrates
PaRis SLIM has an exceptional flow and smoothing properties, allowing the levelling of uneven substrates and floors, in a single pass, in thicknesses from 5 to 50 mm.

Strong, stable, durable, and CE-marked screed
PaRis SLIM has high compressive strength (25 MPa), is CE-marked to denote conformity to EN 13813 (screed materials and floor screeds), is dimensionally stable and non-deformable, and retains its properties unaltered over time.


Content per bag: /
Number of bags per pallet: 60
Weight per bag: 25 kg
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